Michiel from Flanders

In November 2015, I was on a work trip in the San Francisco area. I figured this would be the best opportunity I’d had so far to try some fresh Pliny the Elder. While I found tons of other great beer at bottle shops and bars, I never found my Pliny. The last day of the trip, we finished up really early and had about 6-8 hours to kill before our flight home. My friend suggested we burn the time by driving up to Santa Rosa to Russian River. Works for me!

I got to try Pliny the Elder – but it didn’t turn out to be my favourite there. That went to Consecration. A Flemish red aged in red wine barrels with currants. It was awesome. I’d had other sour beers before, and I liked them, but this was next level for me. I thought “I need to try to brew something like this at home.” At that point, I’d brewed beers with brett before – but never with bacteria. I thought, “Well, might as well jump in feet first.”

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Cider bulk buy 2017

This year True Grist ran a group buy again for a cider blend for hard cider production from Frank E’s in Vanessa, ON. This delicious juice is cold pressed, UV-pasteurized, and non-sulphited. With the growth of the club, and positive results from last year buy, it was not a huge surprise when our order came in at three time’s last year (420 gallons this year vs. 140 gallons last year). This required six bins of apples in comparison to last year’s two! Continue reading Cider bulk buy 2017