Club Events

True Grist Events

True Grist Homebrew Club holds monthly meetings typically on the second Wednesday of every month at 7PM, rotating through locations in Guelph, Cambridge, and Kitchener-Waterloo. All that are interested in the homebrewing hobby are welcome to attend.

We also run a number of specialty events throughout the year, which are exclusive to our due paying members. Most notably we leverage our buying power as a group to get excellent pricing on high quality brewing ingredients, but we do much more than that.


  • Hop bulk buy
  • Malt bulk buy


  • Club barbecue


  • Cider bulk buy


Throughout the year

Based on demand, the following other events may happen at any point during the year!

  • True Grist swag buys (e.g. shirts, hats, customized glassware)
  • Bulk buys with local producers (e.g. hops, honey, malt, yeast)
  • Bulk buys for beer related equipment (e.g. bottles, brewing equipment, draft equipment)
  • Club/collaboration brews
  • Brewing-related tours and presentations
  • Gear swaps
  • Sensory training
  • Social events