October 2017 meeting

This month’s meeting was held at Pat F’s house in Kitchener. At this meeting, we continued to experiment with our meeting format. We started with some announcements from our executive, including introductions for the new executive members. During this time, we got to enjoy some of Pat’s deliciously hoppy Kveik IPA, as well as his tasty dark english mild. The following announcements were given:

  • Matt F. updated us on the status of True Brewer. We have 18 entrants vying for the ultimate bragging rights. We will be meeting sometime in November to exchange bottles where each competing homebrewer will be given the month of December to taste and rate each of the 18 entries.
  • Ryan D. updated us on the status of the website including the new recipe section where members can upload/download recipes in beerxml format.
  • Paul B. summarized the club’s current status, and how we are preparing to formalize ourselves as an unincorporated association. With that comes preparation of a Memorandum of Association for True Grist which clearly defines our mission, activities, and governance. Members have a chance to comment on this document up until our next monthly meeting (Nov. 8, 2017), full details and a link to the draft of this document are on our forum.
  • Josh V. gave an overview of the upcoming hop bulk buy. Scott Hayhoe of Hayhoe hops will be attending the December club meeting and distributing our member’s orders of cascade, centennial and chinook hops. The deadline for ordering is December 1. This is a repeat of a successful buy we ran at our last December meeting.

Following announcements, we had a structured tasting where we provided feedback to some of the member’s beers. This included a clone recipe that Josh V. is trying to perfect, the club’s Hot Pants Dobbelt, as well as beer entered into the Royal Finger Homebrewing competition.

After the structured tasting, we started our “social hour” in which members shared some of their homebrew without worrying about a full evaluation. We tasted some interesting beers with spices, teas and fruits, and brainstormed some ideas for future meeting locations.

We would like to thank Pat F. for hosting this meeting. Next month, our host will be Matt F. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.