Fall 2019 Tavistock Hop Bulk buy

This Bulk Buy ends on Wed., Nov. 6th, 2019 (Ended)

Friends, we all love hops, how could we not? With that in mind, the good folks over at Tavistock hops have slid into our DM’s and offered hops at a crazy good price (5$ for 4oz of sweet sweet Ontario hops)!

Varieties in this buy are (Name, AA, BA)

2019 Centennial (8.4%/3.4%)
2019 Rakau (6.1%/2.5%)
2019 Glacier (4.3%/4.7%)
2019 Newport (7.1%/7.3%)
2019 Cascade (6.4%/6.8%)

Payments will be accepted via E-Transfer to and the hops will be distributed at the November meeting.

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