Jockey Box

Jockey Box

Current Bookings

To book, please email the equipment director at  ac.ts1566590232irgeu1566590232rt@tn1566590232empiu1566590232qe1566590232 with your requested dates.


  1. A deposit of $100 is required.
  2. If the Jockey box is returned dirty, a $40 cleaning fee will be charged.
  3. There is late penalty of $20/day.


  1. Operation Instructions
  2. Cleaning Instructions

What you get

The Jockey Box rental includes the following:

  1. Cooler
  2. 2x flow control taps with handles
  3. 2x 70′ coils with connecting shanks and shut off valves
  4. 2x beer lines with 1/4″ FFL connections (for keg coupler-to-jockey box connection)
  5. Cleaning kit with chemicals and instructions

The Jockey Box rental does not include the following:

  1. Kegs, or keg couplers
  2. Beer, or Ice
  3. CO₂ tank, regulator, or gas lines
  4. Faucet wrench