True Brewer

True Brewer

True Brewer is the title held by the annual winner of True Grist’s internal competition. The entries in this competition have few limitations, and the judges are that year’s participating True Grist members.



Each participant in this competition must provide a bottle of their entry to each other participant (to a maximum of 24 bottles). Bottles will be collected at a TBD meeting time and location. These bottles must be unlabelled and unmarked, 30-50cl in size, and have only the identifying sticker provided by the organizers of the competition. Both the entries, and the judges are fully anonymized during the competition.

Judging criteria

Judges are asked to submit their ratings of each beer through the month of December. This is essentially a best of show competition. Beers will not be judged by how representative they are of any style. Judging criteria may vary year by year.

Selecting a winner

In January, each judges scores for each beer will be tabulated. The beer with the highest average score will identify our winning brewer. The winner will be presented with a hand made, custom engraved mash paddle, which they will possess and defend. Additionally the winner will have their membership dues waived.


The rulesets of the True Brewer competition are subject to change in the future, but it’s goal will always remain the same: encourage the best brewing from our members, and to identify, celebrate and award excellence.

The 2017 ruleset is as follows:

  • Submissions must be brewed in 2017
  • The beers must be primarily brewed by a self identified homebrewer
  • The entrant must be a True Grist member in good standing
  • The submission must be beer (no wine, cider, kombucha, etc.)
  • There are no beer style restrictions on submissions