Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association

True Grist Homebrew Club (hereafter referred to as the “Club”) is an unincorporated non-profit organization with a mission to promote the hobby of homebrewing to individuals throughout its area of operation. Membership to the club is open to all who are exploring their interest in homebrewing. By joining the Club:

  • Members agree to an informal governance arrangement in which authority for decisions on Club business is vested with the Club Executive in the manner described in this document
  • Members agree to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct
  • Members, as individuals, acknowledge that there is some personal risk associated with every Club Activity and accept and agree that the Participation Waiver automatically extends to each Club Activity they voluntarily participate in.


The Club fulfills its mission through the following activities:

  1. Provide a Club website ( with an online forum for Members to discuss topics of shared interest (homebrewing techniques, styles, recipes, ingredients, equipment, etc.);
  2. Host regular Club meetings where topics of shared interest are discussed and where Members are provided with an opportunity to share and receive feedback on their homebrew;
  3. Provide group buy opportunities in which Members receive access to special pricing, variety, and/or quality of select homebrew equipment, materials and supplies;
  4. Encourage Members to continually improve the quality of their homebrew through the promotion of and/or operation of educational events and homebrew competitions;
  5. Promote the Club in the community to increase recruitment and participation of Members in the Club’s activities.

Area of Operation

The Club has no geographic restrictions on membership, but carries out its activities primarily in Guelph, Cambridge, and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.


Membership in True Grist is voluntary and open to any individual of legal age to possess and consume alcohol in Ontario, Canada. All Members must agree to the Memorandum of Association, acknowledge that a Participation Waiver is in effect for each Club Activity that they choose to participate in, and agree to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. In addition, all Members agree to uphold club values. Joining True Grist can be done by registering at the Club website.

Membership Classes

Members of True Grist fall into one of the five following classes:

  • Limited Members are Members who register at the Club website but are not current with their annual membership dues. Limited Members have the benefit of participation in True Grist activities 1 and 2 only. Limited Members do not have the right to vote in matters involving Club elections or referendums.
  • Full Members are Members who register at the Club website and are current with their annual membership dues. Full Members are eligible to participate in all True Grist activities, and have voting rights in Club elections and referendums.
  • Executive Members are Full Members with an established history of participating in Club activities, who have been appointed by the Club President to help the Club fulfill its mission. At the President’s sole discretion, he/she may appoint willing volunteers (from the Full Member pool) to the Executive Member class to help the Club fulfill its mission. Collectively the current Executive Members and the Club President are known as the Club Executive. The Club Executive should be made up of a minimum of 3 members, with no maximum. Executive Members must disclose any existing or arising potential conflicts of interest relating to their role, and recuse themselves from any Club decisionmaking and influence whenever there is potential for their personal benefit. If an individual's conflict of interests are determined to be too great (e.g. having an ownership stake in a business with high relevance to Club Activities), they will be ineligible for Executive Membership, and rather encouraged to continue to participate in the Club through the position of Full Member (e.g. providing meeting presentations or volunteering as part of certain Club Activities).
  • The Club President is a Full Member who voluntarily oversees the operation of the Club. The President’s primary responsibility is to recruit and organize Executive Members, who are capable and willing to contribute to the continued fulfillment of the Club’s mission.

Executive Members and the Club President retain their position until either:

  • Their responsibilities, temporary in nature, are either completed or abandoned;
  • They cease to be a Full Member;
  • They voluntarily resign;
  • Unanimously, the remaining Executive Committee Members vote for their removal;
  • The majority of Full Members vote for their removal.

In the event the Club President position is vacant, the remainder of the Club Executive will appoint an Interim Club President. The Club Executive will accept nominations from Full Members for Club President for at least 28 days, before running an electronic election process amongst Full Members for at least 3 days.

Club Finances

The President is authorized to commit the Club to transactions involving cash or other resources up to $50. These transactions must be related to the Club’s activities and reported to the Club Executive on the same day they are made. For expenditures exceeding $50, they must also have support and consent from the majority of the Club Executive, and again will report the transaction the same day that it is made. A record of all financial transactions will be kept by the Club, updated regularly and accessed through the Club Website for all Members to view. At no time will the Club be allowed to operate in a deficit position. The Club President and one other Executive Member shall serve as signing authorities for the Club’s bank account, two of which will be required to sign any checks or be present to make any withdrawals.

Discontinuation of Membership

  • A Member may voluntarily leave the Club at any time. Members should inform the Club President so that they can be removed from future Club emails and their access to online forum discontinued. Full Members who choose to discontinue their membership will not be refunded their membership dues.
  • Members who have not (or refuse) to sign the Memorandum of Association (which includes the Participation Waiver and Code of Conduct) annually will be removed from the Club.
  • The Club expects responsible behaviour, consistent with Club values, from all Member and Club activity participants. Regardless of a Member’s class, action to restrict, suspend or terminate their membership in the Club may be taken if the Club Executive (by majority vote and in their sole discretion) feel a Member has demonstrated behaviour that is unbecoming, contrary to Club values, or contrary to the Club’s mission. Severe action can be expected if a Member willfully damages Club or another Member’s property or jeopardizes Member safety.

Changes to this Agreement

At the sole discretion of the Club Executive, this informal governing agreement may be revised, clarified, updated, or otherwise altered periodically. Agreeance to any future version of this document is signified through the Member’s joining of the Club and/or renewing of their membership.

Availability of this Agreement

The most up-to-date version of this document will be available on the Club website.