Club Executive

Interim President and Group Buy Director

Josh Van Opstal

Past President

Justin Angevaare


Competitions and Education Director

Jamie Fowler


Equipment Director

Andrew Ash


Outreach Director

Jeff Bueckert


Finance Director

Dave Jones


Meeting Director

Chris Saunders

Profile coming soon!

People and Culture Director

Meghan Campanaro


Web team

Matt Lavergne

Director Opportunities

Want to get involved? Please contact the Club President. We are always looking for passionate individuals to help lead, manage, and improve True Grist! We would like to especially encourage women and minority members to join the Club Executive.

Anonymous Feedback

This page hosts an anonymous feedback form for True Grist members. While it is anonymous, it is only visible to signed in members to prevent spam. Please <a href=””>Register</a> or <a href=””>login</a> for access.