Club Executive

Club Executive


Justin Angevaare



Competitions Director

Jamie Fowler


Education Director

Chris Luederitz


Equipment Director

Andrew Ash


Finance Director

Paul Byron


Group Buy Director

Josh van opstal


Meetings Director

Kent Rundle


Outreach Director

Jeff Bueckert


Special Events Team

Steven Oliver

Meghan Campanaro


Web Team

Ryan Dunlop

Matt Lavergne



Dave Jones


Director Opportunities

Want to get involved? Please contact the Club President. We are always looking for passionate individuals to help lead, manage, and improve True Grist! We would like to especially encourage women and minority members to join the Club Executive.

Volunteer Director

This individual will help coordinate volunteer efforts as needed for operation of the club’s events and activities. This person will also take a lead on tracking volunteer efforts, data which will be used to inform club strategy on volunteer recruitment.

Blog Editor

This individual will take a lead on editing material in the club blog, publishing schedule management, and recruiting more authors for the club blog. While not strictly necessary, they are also encouraged to author some content themselves (primarily event recaps when possible).

Newsletter Editor

This individual will have involvement in the writing, editing, design, and scheduling of the club’s mass emails.

Photography Director

We are looking for somebody who has an interest in photography and/or editing to help coordinate efforts to capture photos of our many True Grist activities. This person would not be required to take photos themselves at all events, but would help to ensure that somebody was designated to capture some photos on behalf of the Club. These photos would be used in our Club Blog, for promotional purposes and/or for social media. Mobile device based photography is usually adequate.

Anonymous Feedback

This page hosts an anonymous feedback form for True Grist members. While it is anonymous, it is only visible to signed in members to prevent spam. Please <a href=””>Register</a> or <a href=””>login</a> for access.