About Meghan

Meghan has worked as a Training and Events Coordinator for the past 10 years and has a certificate in adult education. She is married to another True Grist Member, Matt. She’s known among friends for having useless knowledge about music and movies, which is helpful in a trivia-night situation. 

Why did you start homebrewing?

I started brewing because my husband started brewing. He talked about it so much that I got into it as well. I like that it’s something that we can do together.

Where is your favourite place to have a beer?

My favourite place to have a beer changes, but consistently, it’s been Counterpoint in Kitchener. We always feel so welcome when we’re there, and they are also great friends to the club.

What type of setup do you have at home?

We brew on a Two Vessel Electric system.

Good beer requires _________?

Good beer requires good people to drink it with!

What is your favourite style to brew?

Again, this changes, but lately it’s been NEIPA. Also, while brewing, I love smelling the hops when I open the bag!

Which beer are you most proud of?

The beer I’m most proud of is the Sweet Stout I made.

What do you wish to improve in your brewing?

Someday, we will have a nice, dedicated space in our house to do this. I hope to have a nice organized brew room with all the supplies neatly organized.

How do you feel about competitive homebrewing?

One of my favourite things about homebrewing is the competitions. I started stewarding (learned from Kat at Shortfinger), and really started getting interested in the BJCP competition process. I enjoy assisting in any way I can with any part of the process (including organizing, setting up, judging etc).

Do you have any advice for new brewers?

Brewing with different people all the time is a great way to learn new tips and tricks. Everyone has their own way of doing things, so the more brewers you learn from, the better. Find someone you’ve never brewed with at the next meeting, and see if you can organize a co-brew!  🙂