About Andrew

My full title is The Most Honored Laird Andrew Ash of Glenco. I live in Kitchener with my wife, two boys and our dog. By day I am a Telecommunication Systems Specialist for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. I also volunteer as the club’s equipment director. I started brewing back in 2011 on a Mr. Beer kit. In addition to beer I am a huge whisky and gin fan.

How did you get started brewing?

My sister in-law bought me a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and that caused me to fall down the rabbit hole.

What was your reason for joining True Grist?

Mainly for the social aspect. I am not originally from the area so it seemed like a good way to meet new people. 

Which breweries do you most draw inspiration from?

Half Hours on Earth and Beau’s all natural brewing because they do weird stuff like gruits and fruit beers.

What type of system do you brew on?

I brew on a stove/propane burner using the BIAB method.

_________ is overstated in brewing?

hops are overstated in brewing.

What is your favourite type of beer to brew/drink? 

Fruit beers or gruits.

What beer are you most proud of?

Carrot bock and navy bean ale, because they are fun stories.

Do you have any brewday rituals? 

Usually forgetting something and having to walk down to the basement multiple times. That counts as exercise right?

What is your process for recipe development?

It’s not so much a process as it is a blanket statement of “screw it, let’s see if this works.” I am usually brewing with something I foraged or procured on the cheap/free. So my recipes are often centered around what extra ingredients I have laying around. Very rarely is there a traditional style recipe that I follow.

Do you have any tips for success in homebrew competitions?

Don’t enter the stuff I make. 

What other hobbies or interests do you have? 

Foraging and spending time outdoors with my two sons is a big one for me. I feel it’s important that they learn about how crucial the natural environment is and how it can be used to our benefit without destroying it. 

Do you have any brewing tricks, or “hacks”? 

A potato masher is not just for potatoes! If you have a sturdy metal one it is great for squeezing a grain bag if you are doing BIAB. No burnt fingers for me!