November 2016 meeting

This month’s meeting was our 2nd ever. We took some suggestions from our first meeting and prepared an informal agenda to discuss club matters. Our meeting format will continue to evolve as the club grows and suggestions come in.

We started with a run down of Jeff’s brewing process – our meeting’s host. Jeff is a stove top all grain homebrewer with a basement full of delicious beers on tap and extended aging projects (lambic, Flander’s red). Jeff placed one of the club’s largest orders for cider this Fall at 20 gallons total, which is being fermented in 4 different ways, very cool.

Our only current club event that required discussion was our holiday homebrew exchange. This event has now grown to 10 participants. With the exchange put together on fairly short notice (in light of everyone’s brewing and bottling schedules) it’s great that there was still this many of us able to participate. There has been lots of comments that lead me to believe next year’s event will be hugely popular; this year we are but laying the ground work! The homebrew drop off deadline is December’s meeting, which is when distribution will also occur.

At the time of writing this post, December’s meeting date is to be determined, but we do know at least that it will be hosted by Matt in Cambridge, watch the forum for details as they develop!

Several future club events had been discussed including a malt bulk buy in the Spring, and a potential club brew followed by a club barbecue in the Summer. Lots to look forward to!

On more official matters, we began the discussion of club dues. The first use of these dues would be for the design of a logo for the club which would find its way onto our website, social media accounts, glasses, and clothing. We seek to strike a balance with the amount such that is easily afforded by members, but also raises enough funds for some significant club projects and other undertakings. Please share your thoughts on club dues and what they will be used for on the forum and at our next meeting if you are able to attend.

Speaking of club dues and projects, we have now found a member to fill the club’s treasurer position – Dana Duff – look for the executive section of the website to be updated soon!

Besides for all of that, the rest of our evening was sampling some great beers and cider. The recipe section of our forum is bound to see a few more entries in the coming days! See you all in December!