Last week the True Grist Executive gathered to discuss future club events, to share some homebrew, and to put together a jockey box. We were successful in all three of these regards.

For weeks the True Grist Equipment Director, Andrew Ash, gathered research and supplies to build what would be a high performance jockey box for True Grist. We will use this jockey box at some of our own events, but most of it’s action will be seen when borrowed by our Full Members. Our Equipment Rental portal is now live with all the details. Rentals are provided on a first come first serve basis… literally 🤓.

For 2018, the rental price has been set to $0!

The Vintage Coleman Cooler was generously provided by Scott Hilts (brought all the way from Arizona by Norm Ryder). Scott had originally planned to build his own personal jockey box with the cooler but he felt that it had a higher calling. This cooler is way… cooler than what we were going to do originally, which was to use a cheap plastic one. Stainless tap handles were provided by Jeff Bueckert, you’ll note in the gallery below how well they really tie everything together – the latch, handles, shanks, faucets… all lovely matching stainless steel. And of course, we could not provide our community with this project so soon in True Grist’s history and at so high of a quality if it weren’t for our many passionate members. We’ve nearly doubled our original membership projections at time of my writing this post – amazing!