Our March 2019 meeting was held at Kamil Juices Urban Winery and Craft Brewing Supplies in Guelph. Our hosts had the People’s Choice winner from True Brewer – Phil Harrison’s Mild Thing – on tap along with a few other beers. Phil’s Mild is the beer of the month over at KJ and is being sold as a discounted kit, check it out!

Bulk Buys

As we roll on into Spring, many members are looking forward to once again comfortable outdoor brew days, and are on to planning their Spring and Summer beers. Spring has been a natural time for us to run bulk buys for malts and hops since the club’s beginning, and 2019 is no exception!

We currently have a Spring bulk buy with BSG through Kamil Juices which is ongoing until March 22nd. Over 100 products are available – malts, extract, dried yeast and more.

Our hop buy with Topp’s Hops out of the Fraser Valley in BC, is ongoing until March 29th. Over 30 hop varieties are available for that.

Competition News

At the meeting we collected entries for Beer Wars: Belgian Pale Ale. Winners will be announced at our next meeting. Other competition news included:

Canadian National Homebrew Day

We are celebrating Canadian National Homebrew Day, which is officially set for June 1st, with a large group brew at SFBC. Join us on the club forum if you’d like to express your interest in participating by bringing your brewery

Announcement Slides

Find our full announcement slides here.

Meeting Presentations

Shelley Beirnes from BSG provided this month’s educational presentation. In her presentation, she provided an inside look to the malt supply chain starting from delivery of fresh grains from farmer to maltster, and ending with grist handling by breweries. Shelley provided examples of different approaches to the various stages of the malting process from Simpsons and Crisp in the UK, Germany’s Weyermann as well as BSG‘s own parent company, Rahr. Shelley finished her talk by taking some malt-related questions from the meeting’s attendees. Thanks to Shelley for her fascinating presentation! We hope to have her back for a future meeting.

Additionally, we heard from Kamil Juices’ Adrian Trochta, who spoke briefly about his background, and KJ’s history as initially a wine-focused business to one that now equally caters to homebrewers and winemakers with quality ingredients and equipment. We appreciate Kamil Juice’s continued support of the club!

Next month

For our next monthly meeting, the club will be at Together We’re Bitter in Kitchener. See you there!