February signalled our return to Rhythm & Brews.  As always our host was serving up a plethora of delicious brews.  Including Mike H’s winning 2018 True Brewer, Do the Smokey Pokey. This was most fitting to see on tap as this meeting served as the occasion for the passing of the Mash Paddle of Destiny to our 2019 winner Chris K.

As always we had plenty of announcements to hammer through in order to get to our guest speaker. There is a quick summary below.  We also have the slides available here for if you want a more detailed look. 

  • A quick reminder, 2020 dues is now being accepted and we now take credit cards!  Club dues is what allows the club to run all the events we do throughout the year including paying for the Special events permits we use at each meeting. 
  • There are a number of competitions coming up.  I urge you to check out the competition section of the forum for details on shipping and other news.
  • Blazing paddles is back!!!!!.  The site is up and running. Please stop by https://blazingpaddles.truegrist.ca/ for details on the competition. Get thinking about what you want to brew folks.
  • There will be a club survey coming to an internet near you at some point this year.  Standby for further details.

As for our educational presentation, Shane Walker gave us a deep look into the workings of New Zealand Pilsners. Shane covered everything from the history, water profile, malt choices, and most importantly the distinct New Zealand hops.  We were even spoiled with some absolutely delicious examples of the style that Shane had made prior to the meeting.  

Our friend Shelly from BSG also surprised us with an impromptu hop rubbing of New Zealand hops she had in the trunk of her car… if only we could all be so lucky as to have a trunk full of hops. 

I look forward to seeing you all at our March meeting at the Royal City Brewing Warehouse.  We will be having a talk on mead making by our very own Stephen Snudden.