November 2020 Meeting

True Grist held our latest virtual meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, November 19. The meeting was a joint meeting with members of Hamilton’s HOZER club, and featured a virtual presentation by Kyle Nordquist of the CHAOS club in Chicago. We had an excellent turnout, with about 38 participants at one point in time!

Prior to Kyle’s presentation, Justin introduced the newest member of True Grist’s Executive, Chris Saunders. Chris will be our new Special Events Organizer, and he jumped into action right away by helping to moderate the meeting along with Matt Lavergne.

Kyle’s presentation focused on Tricks and Tips for packaging our beers. He has been a home brewer for 13 years and is now a nationally ranked BJCP judge. 

Kyle covered a number of important issues, including how to limit oxidation to improve stability and shelf life, proper carbonation, and the use of finings. He went on to do a demonstration of how to do a closed transfer of beer from fermenter to the keg. For those who missed the meeting, check out the online video of Kyle’s presentation below:

Following Kyle’s presentation, Justin made some True Grist club announcements. He urged anybody wanting to submit a brew to this year’s True Brewer exchange should get their submissions in by November 21. Justin also announced that December’s virtual meeting would raise money for local charities, with donations based on the number of club members who participate. So make sure to remind other club members to log into the meeting! Further details to come. 

The evening concluded with some casual socializing. Thanks to everyone who attended another successful virtual meeting. Watch the club website or your email inbox for more details on the fun and festive activities your executive has planned for the December meeting!