True Grist’s March 10 meeting, once again via Zoom, was attended by a group of 20+ members. Justin opened the meeting with a few club announcements:

  • We are once again preparing for club bulk hop and malt buys. This year’s hop order will once again be from Topp’s Hops. The bulk malt buy will likely be limited to base malts; if there are splits, they will likely not be as low as 1/4 splits. Watch the club web site for details of these bulk buys, coming soon!
  • Our new club glassware is now in production and should be available soon. Thanks to Chris S for volunteering to transport them to Guelph. Watch for distribution details in the near future!
  • The club is also looking into ordering new hats, we working with a new supplier this time around.
  • Changes to the Brewer of the Year circuit are happening this year. There will be local qualifying events, with qualifiers heading to a national competition late in the year. Justin noted that True Grist applied to be a host of a qualifying competition.
  • Parts for those people who order iSpindles are starting to arrive to Tyler U in Waterdown. Once the sets are complete Chris S has once again volunteered to transport the parts back to Guelph. We’ll send an email out when they are ready for pick up. 

Chris Saunders introduced this month’s guest speaker, Marie-Annick Scott. Marie-Annick is a decorated home brewer with a wealth of knowledge on all things related to brewing science, and is the Education Director of the Edmonton Homebrewers Guild. We were fortunate to have Marie-Annick chat with us about the production of cask ales, beginning with a history of cask ales and then moving through equipment options, carbonation, and ending with tips for serving the perfect pour! Following the presentation, Marie-Annick graciously spent time answering questions.   

For those who couldn’t attend the meeting, but would like to see Marie-Annick’s presentation, the recording is available here.

The club wishes to thank Marie-Annick for her time and for sharing her wealth of knowledge, and has made a $100 donation to her selected charity – Camp FYrefly. Thanks to everybody who attended! See you all on Wednesday, April 14 for our next meeting!