Club Executive

Club Executive


Justin Angevaare


Current Directors

Finance Director

Paul Byron


Group Buy Director

Josh van opstal


Outreach Director

Jeff Buekert


Special Events Director

Matt Floyd


Website Director

Ryan Dunlop


Director Vacancies

Please contact the Club President if interested in any of the following director positions.

Competitions Director

This position would focus on encouraging our members to participate in competitions, and reducing their barriers to entry (e.g. helping to arrange joint shipping or transport of entries). There is also opportunity to organize internal competitions (e.g. quarterly showdowns for a specific style at our meetings).

Education Director

This position involves the organization of educational programming. It does not require the Education Director to do any of the teaching themselves, but rather arrange willing teachers, with willing hosts for special events like off-flavour training, BJCP study groups, etc. It could also involve working with the Meetings Director to have short educational presentations at our Monthly Meetings.

Equipment Director

As True Grist acquires more club equipment, we require a director to manage its use by the group. This may involve the collection and return of deposits for club equipment, inspection of returned equipment, as well as acquisition of new equipment.

Meetings Director

This position involves securing meeting locations, special occasions permits, and communications with our meeting hosts.