March 2017 meeting

Last night we held our monthly meeting for March in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our host was Pat F. (darkstanfinn on our forum), who brews in his basement with a Grain Father system. Pat’s basement has been transformed to the ultimate hangout spot for beer lovers complete with tons of beer and brewing paraphernalia, a keg fridge, air hockey table, darts, a crokinole board and more!

On tap Pat had an experimental Saison brewed with cucumber, a mild based on a recipe shared on our forum, and a coffee stout – a real crowd favourite.

Beyond the serious business of sampling the latest creations of members, the 15 or so attendees of the meeting discussed our upcoming Spring barbecue. It turns out there is a handful in the group that operate smokers – so we have various smoked meats to look forward to at this event. Event details continue to develop in the thread on our forum.

We received our 2017 order of True Grist t shirts from Bearface Design yesterday. Our meeting attendees were the first shirt recipients. For those who ordered a t shirt, the shirts will continue to be available at our meetings, or other pick up arrangements can be made (email ac.ts1527492442irgeu1527492442rt@tn1527492442edise1527492442rp1527492442 for this).

Further details of our 2017 Spring Malt Bulk Buy were announced last night. This buy will be through Kamil Urban Winery and Craft Brewing Supplies in Guelph, for brewing malts and products available through BSG Canada. This buy is available to our paid members only – pay your annual dues if you’d like to partake, the cost savings on a single bag of malt is reason enough (and if you brew frequently, you’ll likely want a lot more than that!). The buy will go live at noon on March 31st and will run for two weeks.

That about sums up our evening, see you next month!

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Justin is the current True Grist Homebrew Club President. He has been homebrewing since 2010. During this time his brewery and brewing methodology have been in a constant state of research and revision - in no small part due to inspiration from other local homebrewers. When Justin is not homebrewing or involved in scheming the next True Grist event, he can be found at his computer writing software or manuscript drafts in efforts to complete his PhD in Statistics.

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