April 2017 meeting

For our April meeting we returned again to Paul B.’s home in Guelph. Approximately 20 homebrewers were in attendance for our regular sharing of beer samples. There were some very interesting beers to be had including a chipotle stout, a carrot bock, a “Blood of Cthulhu” clone, and others. Ciders too!

Andrew A. and Andrew S. were amongst those wearing their new True Grist t-shirts at our meeting.

Our club business for the evening included distributing glasses from our True Grist member gear buy (pictures below). We also had distribution of PBW and bottles from a Half Hours on Earth group buy that Andrew A. was running for us. Details for what we hope is an annual event – a True Grist summer BBQ were set (it’s happening June 4th – full details on the forum!). We also ironed out some final details for our hop and malt bulk buys that closed on April 14th. For these buys we will be organizing and distributing almost 7000lbs of malt, and 200lbs of hops from Kamil Juices Urban Winery and Craft Brewing Supplies in Guelph later this month. We are currently recruiting volunteers to help with the splitting process of partial bags of malt. Lastly, we briefly discussed True Grist budget proposals. With the success of our paid memberships, and t-shirt and glasses buy, the club is finally in a position where it can afford to run special events (educational, and an internal beer competition to name a few), acquire some shared equipment (ideas include a jockey box and a pressure canner), and have some promotional materials made. We are currently in the brainstorming phase, which includes soliciting ideas from members, and estimating costs. Keep those ideas coming!

Our next meeting will be held May 10th in Cambridge.

The True Grist glasses are in! #homebrew

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Breaking in the new glassware. #royalcitybrewing @truegristhbc

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