Spring malt bulk buy

This Spring the True Grist Homebrew Club ran a malt bulk buy, and it was a huge success! We had close to 7000 lbs of malt ordered – our largest bulk buy yet! The total savings our members took advantage of through this buy were substantial. The bulk buy was held with friends Kamil Juices in Guelph. Last week our order arrived at their shop, and on the weekend a troupe of volunteers got busy splitting and organizing it all for pick up. Splits allow members to get a great bulk price on ingredients without ordering a full unit (i.e. a portion of a 25kg bag of malt instead of the whole thing). A big thanks to the volunteers that came out for this one: Andrew S., Mike H., Monte F., Josh V., Jeff B., Justin A., and Tyler F. In all, the preparations took True Grist volunteers around 4 hours on Saturday. There were no shortage of those looking to help, which is a great sign for our club. Thank you also to Kamil of course, which really make running this kind of bulk buy so much easier – handling payment, distribution, and allowing us to take over their warehouse. Those who placed orders can pick them up during Kamil Juices business hours this week. Here are a couple pictures from the weekend:



My van all loaded up (no this is not only my order – I grabbed some malt for another member as well)

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Justin is the current True Grist Homebrew Club President. He has been homebrewing since 2010. During this time his brewery and brewing methodology have been in a constant state of research and revision - in no small part due to inspiration from other local homebrewers. When Justin is not homebrewing or involved in scheming the next True Grist event, he can be found at his computer writing software or manuscript drafts in efforts to complete his PhD in Statistics.

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