True Grist Showing at 2017 Royal Finger Competition

Congratulations to the True Grist members who medalled at the 2017 Royal Finger Homebrew competition! 10 of the 23 medalled brewers/brew teams were affiliated with the club:

Brown British Beer

  1. Pat Finn
  2. Ryan Dunlop

California Common & American Brown Ale

  1. David Black
  2. Jon Spenceley

Historical Beer

  1. Jamie Fowler (KW Craft Beer Club/True Grist)

Spiced Beer: Spice, Herb or Vegetable

  1. Cameron Marcott
  2. Jamie Fowler (KW Craft Beer Club/True Grist)
  3. Mike Ralph

Best of Show

  1. Jamie Fowler (KW Craft Beer Club/True Grist)

Cheers to all those who participated. If you are listed here, your recipe is eligible to be with the first additions to the award winning category in our Recipe Directory.

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About Ryan Dunlop


Outside of brewing, Ryan is a Ph.D. student studying Nuclear Physics at the University of Guelph. He's been brewing for over 3 years, with most of that time spent as an all-grain brewer. He enjoys playing volleyball, darts and disc golf. He is currently the webmaster for the True Grist Homebrew club.