Spring 2018 malt bulk buy

On Saturday March 3rd 2018, 6 volunteers sorted out the grain splits for our annual Spring malt bulk buy at Kamil Juices. Chris K. brought along some imperial stout to share, which was just the ticket to get the job done. Thanks to all of our volunteers, and double thanks to Chris for the beer.

For this buy we had made some order rule adjustments to streamline the splitting process – malt splits in 1/4 bag increments only, and yeast brick splits and other miscellaneous items to be sorted amongst members themselves if required. In total we were 90 bags of malt this time around, which got separated into ~150 portions. We’re still tweaking the operation of these buys, but this seemed to be a large improvement for us.

Splits were repackaged in empty malt sacks from Together We’re Bitter, and Royal City (thanks again guys!). Using these empty malt bags saves us from generating extra waste and expense with these buys.

Please pick up any malt orders from Kamil Juices as soon as you can. Our next planned malt bulk buy will happen this Fall. Happy brewing!

Ryan D., marking the order sheet and malt split bags as they come his way.
Alpha and beta teams at work/enjoying some of Chris’ beer.
We have two floor scales going simultaneously for these. Here’s Jeff B. and Mike B. getting ready to process the next split.