2018 Keg Bulk Buy

The kegs have landed!

True Grist members went in for a short-notice buy of a skid of 75 used ball-lock cornelius kegs from Ontario Beer Kegs. What a great opportunity this was to grow personal keg supplies. If you participated in this buy, check your email for the pick-up instructions.

Thanks to True Grist member Mike B. for picking up our order, which kept costs for participants especially low – an unheard of $35 per keg all in.  Thanks to Josh V. for organizing and providing his garage as a distribution point. Thanks also to OBK for the opportunity and all bulk buy participants for quick payment, which we couldn’t have pulled this off without.

Mike starting to unload the final row of kegs on the skid.
Josh V’s garage is temporary a keg distribution centre. If you participated in this buy, please check your email for pick up instructions so we can clear these out quickly.