The July 2018 meeting was held at Innocente Brewing Company in Waterloo. This was our first meeting with formal education talks as well as a projector. This month, we tried starting with 30 min of social and troubleshooting, before launching into announcements and educational talks.

Announcements included:

  • Our current swag bulk buy
  • True Brewer
  • Our internal competition for Welly Caskfest
  • Reminders and announcements for upcoming Ontario competitions including:
    • Niagara College’s Brewing Competition
    • Members of Barelyment/Beau’s Oktoberfest
    • SFBC Funks
    • GTA Brews Brew Slam competitions

An uploaded version of the announcement presentation is here.

Afterwards, Kyle and Jeremy from Tavistock gave us a talk on hop growing. This included how they plant, grow, harvest, and package their hops, as well as pest and disease control. They also brought some 4 oz packs of hops for members to purchase.

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After the educational talk, Kyle answered questions from members about hops. These included topics such as growing conditions, harvesting times and best varieties to grow in this area.

Next month we will have our meeting at North Works Brewing Co. in Cambridge.