Wellington Brewery x True Grist competition results

Welly Cask Fest is an annual cask beer festival held by Wellington Brewery in Guelph. This year’s festival is September 7-8, and our club is excited that we’ll be a part of it for the first time. To determine what exactly we would brew to represent the club, we decided to hold a quick internal competition. In the end, we had 26 submissions (with a 2 submission per member limit) on only a couple weeks notice. These submissions were then passed off to Brewmaster Marvin Dyck and the Welly crew to evaluate, and select our winner.

Turns out there was a tie for first – and Wellington would like to see both of these beers brewed on their pilot system! One of the beers will be at their Cask Fest as originally planned, and another will be poured as a collaboration with Wellington at KW Craftoberfest. Results below!

TIED 1st Mike Ongena with their Belgian Blond Ale, Catch Her in the Rye (to be brewed for Welly Cask Fest)

TIED 1st Ryan Dunlop with their Azacca hopped American Pilsner (to be brewed for KW Craftoberfest)

2nd Martin Williams with their Munich Helles, Helles Ja!

TIED 3rd Chris Kwietniowski with their Russian Imperial Stout

TIED 3rd Martin Williams with their Belgian IPA, Mostly Harmless

Congratulations to our winners! Scoresheets will be available for pickup at our upcoming August meeting at North Works.

Thank you to Marvin Dyck and everyone at Wellington that helped judge for their enthusiasm with working with local homebrewers. Thank you also to all the True Grist members that participated, and Steven Oliver, our Special Events Director, for organizing!