Club Showing at Niagara College Brewing Competition

True Grist members had an amazing showing at the Niagara College Brewing competition. As a club, we took home 12 medals including best-of-show by Jamie Fowler! Congratulations to everyone on doing such a great job.


Novel Session Beers – Tyler Ferguson, Silver, Smarch Steam

German Session Beers – Martin Williams, Silver, Helles Ja!

American IPA – Kent Rundle/Nick Dery, Gold, Grapefruit League

Strong Beer – Mike Ongena, Gold, Duality

Oatmeal and Sweet Stouts – Kent Rundle, Silver, Stouty McStoutface

Belgian and Trappist Ales – Jamie Fowler, Gold, O Pater where art thou?

Belgian and Trappist Ales – Martin Williams, Silver, Mostly Harmless

Belgian and Trappist Ales – Jamie Fowler, Bronze, Devil’s Interlude

Imperial and American Stout – Mike Ongena, Bronze, Shadow Monster

Fruit Beer – Jeff Bueckert, Silver, Michiel from Flanders

Fruited Sour Beer – Martin Williams and Mike Henhoeffer, Silver, How Do Ya Like Them Pineapples?

Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer – Jeff Bueckert, Silver, Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Best Of Show – Jamie Fowler, Gold, O Pater Where Art Thou?