The August 2018 meeting was held at North Works Brewing in Cambridge. At this meeting, we ran our usual Troubleshooting Corner before starting club announcements. It was our first meeting with a full presentation setup including a screen, projector and PA system. These announcements included:

A link to the announcement slides can be found here.

North Works gave us an overview of why they started the brewery, as well as their brewing philosophy. Hint: They like IPAs! Following the brewery’s presentation. Ryan gave a talk on removing chlorine and proper pH in brewing. This included discussion from the audience throughout. Remember that up to date water profiles for the area can be found on our website here.

This year’s club t-shirts were ready for this meeting and distributed to members who were at the meeting. They are looking pretty good!

Watch your inbox for an announcement of next Month’s meeting location, which is being held tentatively on September 12th.

North Works’ Steve and Matt talking beer with True Grist members.
Ryan getting started with his presentation on water.