Spring 2019 bulk buy with Topp’s Hops

After great feedback on the hops and packaging from the prizes that Topp’s Hops provided for True Brewer back in the winter, we decided to run our big annual hop bulk buy with them. In total the club ordered approximately 200# of hops, which were all packaged in resealable, nitrogen flushed mylar with full analysis and lot information. Topp’s Hops provides an impressive level of attention to detail and we look forward to working with them on future club hop buys, and brewing with all these hops this summer!

Short Finger Brewing Company in Kitchener kindly allowed us to ship, organize, and distribute our hop order out of the shop. Thank you to SFBC and our organizing volunteers for their support.

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Justin is the current True Grist Homebrew Club President. He has been homebrewing since 2010. During this time his brewery and brewing methodology have been in a constant state of research and revision - in no small part due to inspiration from other local homebrewers. When Justin is not homebrewing or involved in scheming the next True Grist event, he can be found at his computer writing software or manuscript drafts in efforts to complete his PhD in Statistics.

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