Beer Wars: Battle of Belgian Pale Ale

The Five Horsemen of the Hopocalypse were the winner’s of the club’s first Beer Wars event – congrats to Martin W, Kent R., Chris L., Seth R. and Mike H.! The winners were announced at our April 2019 meeting.

The FHoH have kindly provided their recipe to the Club’s Recipe Database, as well as some images from their brewing process included below.

This team competition was based on brewing the best Belgian Pale Ale possible, as determined by an expert judging panel at Block 3, using Escarpment Labs’ Ringfish Ale yeast.

The winners are invited to brew a pilot batch of their recipe at Block 3!

For this competition we randomly the teams from the 28 True Grist members that signed up. Thank you to all our participants! Watch out for details of the next Beer Wars style competition in the near future.

Also check out an interview with Steven Oliver over on the Canadian Homebrewers Association blog about the event!