Jonah GS talks Koji at KJ Urban Winery Brewing Company – 20 October, 2021

Please join us at 7:30PM at KJ Urban Winery & Craft Brewing on Wednesday for our first indoor club meeting since March 2020. This will include a rad presentation on food fermentation/Koji from Jonah – long time True Grist member, and head of Homebrew and Food Ferments at Escarpment Labs. There is also an opportunity…

Registration for “Beer wars: Battle of Belgian Pale Ale”

This is our first Beer Wars event. This is a team based competition, where all teams brew a specific style. The first style we’ll battle out is Belgian Pale Ale. Escarpment Labs has sponsored the event and will be providing the yeast for each team’s brew – their new Ringfish Belgian Ale strain (non-diastatic, POF+)….