Our monthly meeting for November was our first visit to Fixed Gear Brewing in Guelph.

At this meeting, and thanks to our army of volunteers, we completed the 2018 True Brewer holiday homebrew exchange – nearly 600 bottles distributed total! We also collected bottles for the competition portion of True Brewer – these will be judged this weekend at Royal City’s warehouse. Results from the True Brewer competition will be announced at our January 2019 meeting.

Justin, with an assist from Jamie, gave a short update which included True Grist’s outstanding showing at SFBC Funks! (slides here)

Following club announcements we had a very informative guest presentation by Nate Ferguson from Escarpment Labs about diacetyl, and how the various stages of fermentation can cause or correct it. Thank you Nate! A copy of Nate’s slides can be found here.

We hope to see everyone out at our final meeting of 2018, hosted by our great friends at Short Finger Brewing Company!

The True Brewer bottle sort was a great success! Not a single broken bottle!
Nate from Escarpment Labs holding court on the brewing platform teaching about the horrors of Diacetyl

Excellence attendance for our November monthly meeting