Our April meeting this year was held at Together We’re Bitter in Kitchener. Spring tends to be a busy brewing season, and we were happy to see so many members out, sharing their recent brews at this one.

Our meeting announcements included updates on the various homebrewing competitions recently passed, and those in the not so distant future. We announced the winners of Beer Wars: Battle of Belgian Pale Ale (saved for a separate post), and reminded everyone of our plans for the 1st annual Canadian Homebrew Day.

Peter Collins – head brewer at TWB, and one of True Grist’s founding members provided our educational presentation for the evening. Peter spoke about his history at TWB, and practical considerations for usage of its highly unique brewhouse.

In place of what would be our May 2019 monthly meeting, we are having a special educational visit to Escarpment Labs in Guelph. Due to space constraints, we must limit attendance to this event to 40 Full Members. This will be our 3rd annual visit to Escarpment Labs, and we highly recommend attending!

Malt goes in, wort comes out – you can’t explain that… but Peter Collins can!
We had great attendance at the meeting, no problem filling the production space and loft at TWB
Sharing homebrew and staring at shiny conical fermentors is an essential part of every monthly meeting.