True Grist once again ran a bulk buy this Spring for BSG products through KJ Urban Winery and Craft Brewing in Guelph. The start of our ordering period was aptly around the team of our March Monthly Meeting which was held at KJ, and had an educational presentation on malt from BSG Canada’s Shelley Beirnes.

This year’s brought in exactly 100 bags of grains, as well as numerous dry yeasts, finings, and even enzymes and lactic acid.

As usual, grains could be ordered in 1/4 sack increments by our Full Members. We reused empty malt bags for our grain splits from Royal City Brewing Company, which almost entirely eliminates the creation of additional waste from the grain splits. The actual split day was held on April 6th, and went quickly, only taking about 2 hours. Our volunteers were fed pizza and refreshed with homebrew. Thank you to our volunteers!

All of the Club’s events rely on volunteers, and that is especially true of bulk buys. Our hope is that members will try volunteering with at least one event a year.

Our next scheduled BSG bulk buy is Fall 2019. Thanks to Kamil Juices for the continued support of the Club!

As usual we had two scales going simultaneously to weigh out our splits. Tags were pre-made which helps keep the volunteers organized.
Line ’em up
These things are always easier with food. Steven brought homemade bread. We also shared some homebrew and pizza as we were wrapping up.
Over 100 bags of grain brought in for this buy. Space is precious in the back at KJ, so we always urge participants to pick up their bulk buy orders as soon as they can