August marked True Grist’s return to North Works Brewery as well as our return to our regular meeting schedule.  After a busy summer of club activities it was a welcome return to normalcy to once again gather together and share a pint or two of North Works’ delicious brews.

Summer Recap

Our last official meeting was all the way back in April at TWB so we took the opportunity to provide members with a recap of the club’s summer. We were involved in a number of activities including our trip to Escarpment Labs in May. The club came out in force for the first Canadian Homebrew Day at Shortfinger Brewing in June.  Our participation in this directly led to True Grist member beers being sold at SFBC’s tap room in order to raise money for The Working Center (we helped raise $800 through this event!). Blazing Paddles was also a resounding success thanks to all of the competing brewers, competition volunteers, judges, and sponsors

Cider Press

We announced that True Grist has acquired a Fruit/Cider press.  So if you are interested in pressing your own cider or wine keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on when this will be available for rental.


If you are interested in participating in some of the upcoming competitions please subscribe to updates to the competition forum to keep up to date on any group shipping that may be organized.

For nearby competitions we have SFBC Funks in October, and GTA Brews’ Brew Slam in November. Both competitions are especially good opportunities to compete as well as volunteer as a steward or judge.

True Brewer 2019

Finally some details on True Brewer 2019 have been announced. This years comp will be a People’s Choice comp and Holiday Homebrew Swap.  This is for full members only and will be open to 12 bottle and 24 bottle participation levels. True Brewer important dates are below. Get your brewing ideas going now as this will be here in no time.

Nov. 6 2019 – Registration deadline

Nov. 13 2019 – The swap (Monthly Meeting)

Jan. 1 2019 – Voting ballots released

Jan. 7 2020 – Voting deadline

Jan. 8 2020 – Winner announced (Monthly Meeting)


Find them here.

Educational Talk

Featured at this months meeting we had our second talk from the much revered Jonah Greenbaum-Shinder. He dove head first into the world of wild yeast capturing and all of it’s single cellular goodness. 

September 2019 Meeting

Next Month we will be hosted by our friends at KJ Urban Winery and Craft Brewing Supplies in Guelph!