July 2020 meeting

True Grist held its third virtual monthly meeting, the first of the summer, on Wednesday, July 8. After holding the first two meetings via Zoom, we tried out the Google Meets platform, with good results. We had a solid virtual turnout for a summer meeting, with 12 active participant screens (including one new member and two couples) at the meeting’s peak. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was great to reconnect and to find out what everybody has been brewing lately! 

The meeting was casual, touching on a wide range of brewing topics, including tales of bottling mishaps from our collective pasts!

Justin had a few announcement items, letting us know that CHA has opened voting for the nation’s best home brew shop. He also asked for opinions about holding an informal bottle swap (somewhat like True Brewer, but not a competition), which was met with enthusiasm from most of the attendees. Justin indicated that he and Josh have been looking into ordering some new club swag, including new t-shirts and caps, which we may see in the near future!

Members raised the question about whether or not we would be having our annual bulk malt and hops buys, and there was some extensive discussion. The consensus seemed to be that bulk hop buys are more likely, since we all want to continue supporting our local home brew shops without squeezing their profits, and the savings from bulk hop buys are more significant than from malt buys.

This was the last True Grist meeting for Chris, who is moving on to a new job in Montreal later this month. Members who want to say goodbye to Chris can get together to say farewell over a pint on the Short Finger patio on Wednesday, July 22 from 6 to 9 PM weather permitting. 

Thanks to everyone who attended the virtual meeting. Watch the club website or your email inbox for further details on upcoming events!