May 2020 Meeting

True Grist held its second virtual monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 13. Once again, we had a great virtual turnout, with over 20 active participant screens (a couple with two members) at the meeting’s peak. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Justin opened the meeting, but did not have any announcements due to the club’s current COVID-induced physical inactivity. Thanks to many members, including Justin, Seth, Scott, Jeff B., Kent, Pat, and Mike R for giving us walking tours through their amazing home breweries!

The home brewery tours were followed by some great socialization and discussions of a variety of topics, including keg line management, grist conditioning, and more. Justin added some spice to the discussions by initiating a couple of impromptu surveys on a couple of the topics.

There was some further discussion about how True Grist could celebrate upcoming Canadian Homebrew Day on June 7. However, because of difficulty with coordinating many individual brews, Justin suggested that members could use that day to advertise our craft to people through our own social media page to raise awareness of Canadian Homebrew Day. So, on June 7, lets see how many members we can get brewing and sharing the day with our friends!

Once again, our virtual meeting provided a way for members to get together, socialize, and talk brewing, and was another success. Thanks to all of the members who gave us virtual tours through their home breweries! We managed to surpass our April participation in our May meeting, so let’s see if we can do even better at our June 10 meeting. Watch the club website or your email inbox for further details!